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Best food choices against COVID

What are the best food I can have to make sure I get a healthy lungs and prevent frm having COVID 19?

  1. I think anything that improves your immune system would be great.

    1. Nice thanks for the inputs!

      1. You are very helpful thank you so much for this! I am glad to get these pieces of information. Of course stop smoking, it is sad my husband doesnt want to stop, I dont know how to start or what to tell him to start smoking

        1. Hi GlaceSoundRacer - It's great that you're so concerned about your husband! It's difficult to get someone to "want" to do something that they need to but don't see the importance. We've had some great articles with helpful suggestions for quitting. I'll provide the links for you.

          It may also be helpful to him if he sees how it's benefited you. Sometimes that can make more of a difference than anything.

          Here are a couple helpful links:, And another:

          I hope it helps!

          Lyn (site moderator)

      2. Hi GraceSoundRacer! Of course the best prevention from Covid-19 is reducing our possible exposure whenever possible, but good nutrition is always good for health and the prevention of all sickness. Because everyone is affected differently by COPD, diet can vary widely from person to person. I wanted to start by providing you with an overview of COPD and diet:, as well as this article: Thanks for reaching out! ~Melanie (team member)

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