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Back pain with COPD

Is back and spine pain a part of COPD? Mostly if I sleep on one side I get shape pains in my shoulder blade and middle upper spine while taking a deep breath. Anyone else have these symptoms?

Thank you all very kindly for your time and thoughts.


  1. Hey Chris!

    Kind of a chicken and the egg situation for myself and i couldn't give you a straight answer. I have found that if i strain my back through over exercising or strain a muscle in that part of my body I generally have a flair up and difficulty breathing. At least for me there is a correlation both ways.

    Laying flat on the ground with my legs elevated and diaphragmatic breathing usually sorts me out. Sometimes with a heating pad or pillow under the strains

    Hope it helps

    1. Patients with COPD have significantly increased risk for lower back pain.

      1. Hi , and thanks so much for your inquiry - it's a good one!

        You may be aware that COPD affects everyone differently. As well, the treatments / therapies can vary from patient to patient depending on their particular condition.

        We do have some published material, right here on, that addresses the pain(s) that may accompany this condition. I thought these articles might provide you with some additional insight for your concern: I do hope you find them to be helpful in a practical way.

        Wishing you well,
        Leon (site moderator

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