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azithromycin 250mg

has any one been on these , and do they work , and how did you feel afterwards ???

  1. It works, depending on the situation of course.

    1. Yes. I have been prescribed azrithimicin many times. It works wonders for me pretty quickly. Along with Prednisone the combo saves me a trip to E.R. Feel great afterwards!

      1. Hi manuforty and thanks for your post. I'm hopeful others in the community will chime in and share their experiences with this antibiotic medication (Azithromycin). I have asthma and periodically, if I develop acute bronchitis, the physician will prescribe a 'z-pack' for me, and that usually clears it all up. As long as the bronchitis is of bacterial origin (and not viral), the treatment has always been successful.
        Are you using this medication now?
        Leon (site moderator

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