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A Big Thankyou to Leon, for all the work you have done within the Copd community.X

Hi Everybody, I would just like to say a big Thankyou to Leon for all the kindness and being there for us within the Copd community, Leon was the first person to welcome me to the copd net along with Melissa, will miss you Leon as one of the best and this is my chance to say Thankyou. I am guessing you have retired I noticed you have not been on site for awhile. Samantha saw my message on the site, and assured me he is well.So Leon I hope you see this and my chance to say a BIG THANKYOU to you for your kindness and caring ways and always one of the first to respond to me to us.I hope this gives other people chance to say their Thankyou,s to you. Will miss you on the Copd net so much. You Take Care and God Bless to you and your family Leon, from us all I am sure.X

  1. CopdGirl,
    I second all your comments. Leon is awesome and I will miss his comments also. Thanks Leon for all you have done! You will be seriously missed! I wish you the best!!

    1. This is so sweet! I can assure you that the rest of us moderators will miss him too! <3 Since I don't have COPD, I have learned SO much just by reading what Leon and our other members have shared. We will keep giving all of you our best. 😀 Hugs, Melissa (copd team)

      1. Oh Leon, I will so miss you, but hoping where ever life is taking you on your next journey that it's a good one! I wish I could give you all the hugs that you deserve. Best to you SIR

        1. Dang I did not know Leon was gone.....
          funny how we just 'take it for granted' that someone will be there...
          Personally Leon was my favorite [ sorry moderators is truth ]
          I will truly miss his replies....
          I wish him well at which ever pathway he is now on
          if you happen to read this Leon
          : thanks for everything buddy ;
          Ian Wick

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