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How Do You Entertain Yourself In The Hospital?

Last updated: September 2022

Sometimes you get admitted for COPD flare-ups. Once you’re feeling better, you may be stuck in a room feeling better.

Passing the time while in the hospital

You will need something to entertain you. So, what is some good entertainment for your hospital stays? Let’s discuss.


Back in the day, other than visitors, this was all the entertainment there was. You had to pay $5 a day to access the TV.

Although, now the hospital TV is part of the charge of your room. You do get quite a few channels. Still, with TV, you are stuck watching whatever is on.

Your electronic device

Nearly all patients these days bring in their iPhones. These can help communicate or keep in touch with just about anyone.

Although, more and more patients bring their iPhones and other electronic devices, such as laptops, Chromebooks, or tablets.

These are useful for so many things, such as playing games or watching a TV series or movie of your choice. We also see quite a few people now playing video games.

Of course, there is also music. So, electronic devices create many entertainment options.


Oh, and don’t forget your charger. If you forget your iPhone charger, I’m sure we can find one for you to borrow.

I would be happy to loan you mine if you have an iPhone. For other electronic devices, it’s a guess if we have a charger for them.

So, it’s probably a good idea that you don’t forget it.

A hobby

Many people bring in something they enjoy doing. I see a lot of ladies knitting things.

Very few people bring adult coloring books, markers, or colored pencils. Some people bring in paper, and they draw things.

Crossword puzzles

The crossword puzzles in newspapers entertain some patients. Some patients bring in books. I’m always impressed by people who can complete crossword puzzles. It’s something I was never good at.


Some people bring decks of cards and play games like solitaire. Although sometimes see, patients play card games with their family members or friends.

I have, at times, played card games with patients. I can’t remember what games I played with them, though.

I know some patients bring in a book of Soduko. That seems to entertain them for hours.


I see lots of novels in patient rooms. Often, this sparks a conversation, especially when they have books by authors I read.

I don’t see as many magazines nowadays, at least now that these are available on our electronic gadgets.

I do see some magazines around. I see lots of Bibles or other religions reading material.


I had one patient a few months back who made origami. This is where you make things by folding paper. This is something I’ve never been good at.

Still, this guy would make all sorts of things, from wolves to dragons. He handed them out to anyone who came into his room.


I once spent a hospital day balancing my checkbook. You could also take the time to cancel subscriptions you don’t use.

You could pay your bills. Some patients list things they want to accomplish when they get out. Or you could plan a vacation.

So, hopefully, you never need to be admitted to the hospital. But, how did you entertain yourself if you have been and were up to it?

Please feel free to share with us in the comments below.

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