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Does anyone have any tips on getting around with an E1 tank?

I find it is very heavy and I am using more energy and oxygen trying to lug it around! Help!

Community Answers
  • Sharon-Tommy
    1 year ago

    Get a back pack it help to equal the weight and free your arms. this is for the small tanks

  • Lyn Harper, RRT moderator
    1 year ago

    Sharon-Tommy, thank you for sharing that great suggestion! – Lyn (site moderator)

  • Marji author
    1 year ago

    Thank you so much. My carrier doesn’t seem to have anything that I can hang on a cart. I will ask my provider. Thanks again

  • Leon Lebowitz, BA, RRT moderator
    1 year ago

    Marji – glad to have been of some assistance for you. Your equipment supplier should definitely be able to provide you with some kind of adaptive device for this.
    Please do check back and let us know how you’re doing. Warmly, Leon (site moderator)

  • Leon Lebowitz, BA, RRT moderator
    1 year ago

    Hi Marji and thanks for your question. Getting around with a small sized ‘e’ cylinder of oxygen can pose it’s challenges. I’m sure others will chime in with their own suggestions but you may find some of these to be helpful.
    These cylinders used to be supplied as steel cylinders. They were heavy and difficult to maneuver. They are still out there! However today, lightweight aluminum cylinders are what’s most commonly supplied for the home setting.
    Naturally, a two-wheeled carrier makes it easier to wheel around the cylinders with you. These carriers can have integral adapters so they can hang from shopping carts, wheelchairs, etc.
    I hope this brief reply provides you with some helpful tips.
    All the best,
    Leon (site moderator)

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