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Has anyone with COPD had a sleeve gastrectomy?

I'm working my way towards a sleeve gastrectomy. I've already had every test and clearance they wanted and have lost 30 lbs so far to prepare for surgery. I'm wondering if anyone has had this experience and can shed some light on the effects it might have had on your COPD.

  1. How exciting, ! Congratulations on your weight loss. I hope the surgery goes smoothly, your recovery goes well and that you get excellent results. Hopefully, someone will hop in here to share their experiences with COPD and bariatric surgery. If you are obese, any weight loss is good for your COPD in that it will enable you to exercise more and, hopefully, make breathing easier overall, especially at night. Here is an article about preparing for surgery with COPD that you might find helpful: Here is another article from one of our sister communities about eating after bariatric surgery: It is not specific to COPD, but I hope it helps with your recovery. Please keep us posted if you don't mind. I will be thining of you. - Lori (Team Member)

    1. I love this for you! Congratulations for all the hard work you have done to get to this point.

      I am willing to bet that your pulmonologist would be a good person to ask about this. While they can't share other patients' personal health information, they should be able to tell you generally how others with COPD have done after a gastrectomy or similar bariatric procedures.

      Let us know what you find out, okay? I wish you all the best as you move forward and better health all around! -Melissa, copd team

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