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Does anyone exercise without supplemental oxygen?

My Mom has COPD… it is so frustrating because she refuses to use any oxygen outside her home. Does anyone in the later stages of COPD exercise without the need of oxygen, when they have been sedentary prior to that?

Community Answers
  • Barbara Moore moderator
    7 months ago

    Hi Lacie4460, I would have a frank talk to her doctor with her present.
    Unfortunately that is still no guarantee that she will wear oxygen outside.
    It is a shame that so many people worry more about others think than they do their own health. Barbara (Site moderator)

  • KevinDavitt
    7 months ago

    HI Lacie4460 – I need oxygen to exercise. I don’t need it when I’m sitting at home but I attend pulmonary rehabilitation twice, sometimes three times a week for an hour each visit.
    I would not be able to do the exercises associated with “rehab” without oxygen.

  • Leon Lebowitz, BA, RRT moderator
    7 months ago

    Hi Lacie4460 and thanks for your post and question. While I hope others in the community will see your inquiry and respond, I thought I would chime in as well. It is feasible to exercise with or without oxygen. If a patient has supplemental oxygen prescribed by a physician, it is probably better for them to exercise utilizing the oxygen. This is something you may want to discuss further with your mom’s physician. Wishing you the best, Leon (site moderator)

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