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Different COPD Treatments Tried

There are many different treatment options for people living with COPD. This article provides information on a few of the most common and invites you to let us know which you have tried. As always, feel free to share your experiences with us in the comments below.


Medicines are a key part of any treatment plan for COPD. There are many different drug options, and they each serve a unique purpose in treating COPD.

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Oxygen therapy

Sometimes called supplemental oxygen, oxygen therapy can help people with COPD receive the extra oxygen their bodies need to function. Not all people with COPD need oxygen therapy, but it is part of the treatment plan for many.

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There are 3 main surgical options for people living with COPD: bullectomy, lung volume reduction surgery, and lung transplant. The decision to have surgery is a major one, and it is often made after consulting with a team of healthcare professionals.

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Pulmonary rehab

Pulmonary rehab can be a very beneficial treatment option for people living with COPD. Each pulmonary rehab program is different, but most will cover breathing strategies, nutrition counseling, and exercise routines.

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What has been your experience with treatments for COPD? Let us know in the comments below!

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