Shopping With COPD: Virtual and In-Person

There are ways to get cleaning supplies, toiletries, household items, groceries, and even a new pair of dress shoes to match your holiday outfit. But factor in COPD, and you may find yourself doing away with your list of things you need.

Improve COPD health with energy-saving shopping

It is important to plan ahead and conserve your energy while you shop. Here are a few tips:

  • Plan shorter trips in duration and split up shopping trips into 2-3 times a week instead of one where you try to get everything in one haul.
  • Time your store outings during less busy times of day: AM Monday through Friday or after 7 p.m. nightly.
  • If possible, have someone go with you or at least assist with bringing in the groceries.

Online ordering

You can enroll in several grocery delivery services from Amazon, Walmart, and your local grocery store. You select the items you need and pay online, and you can sign up for a window of delivery time. This is helpful in inclement weather or to supplement your physical trips to the store.

Food assistance

Meals on Wheels may also be an option for supplemental food delivery. Please visit Meals on Wheels online to search your area program that can assist. You can also look into your state and local health department for services that may help deliver household supplies and groceries.

Another great food resource is Feed America. There, you can find information about local food banks and pantries that can assist.

Window shopping vs Microsoft Windows internet shopping

It may seem like the days are dwindling between hopping in the car and going to the mall at a moment's notice. A cautiously pessimistic outing that takes twice as long as it used to take and doesn't even remotely resemble fun. But it doesn't have to be that way.

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You may still be navigating your old stomping grounds with some assistance:

Most malls have indoor walking clubs that get to be let in the mall before hours. You can visit online websites that offer delivery, such as Amazon and most major online retailers. Groceries, clothing, and everything in between can be ordered at the click of the mouse.

By utilizing various shopping methods, you can play an active role in maintaining your lung function in simple and impactful ways. When you have COPD, your mobility may be limited at times, but it is vital to maintain the mobility and lung function that you do have while you can.

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