Shopping With My Friend Scooter

I haven’t been out shopping since before the pandemic started. We have basically been in isolation. Now, very slowly, as things are beginning to open up, I yearned to go through a store. I wanted to see what was for sale, in real-time, and take it home with me today. Although not necessarily in the mood to buy, I just wanted to have the experience.

I intended to walk

I had my walker and intended on walking through the store. Then, right there, inside the front door, we bumped into the scooters. They were all charged up and ready to go, just sitting there waiting for someone to use them. My husband nudged me and told me to take a scooter. I thought about it for a nanosecond, and then I complied. How could I not?

Sanitation station

There was a sanitation station right beside the scooters for your hands and wipes for the scooter before using it. It was very efficient, and there was staff on hand if I had any problems. She made sure I was comfortable before leaving me to my own devices.

Stores these days are huge

Talk about oversized department stores, wow! This one is huge. Starting at the front of the store and looking to the back of the store, it would take a lot of steps, energy, and oxygen to get to the back door.

Of course, getting the two things I wanted would land me from one end of the store to the other. It would take all my energy to move through this store. Most days I would pass, get in and out in 10 minutes. But not today.

Clearing the aisles

The aisles were big as if meant for people in scooters like I was driving. The only thing I ran into was my husband, but he moved really fast when he saw me coming. There is really nothing to know about scooters.

They are quite basic and for those of use the used to drive, it's a no-brainer. This scooter had a huge basket on the front of it. Whoever designed it, designed it with me in mind. Not only did it have lots of room for my oxygen canister, but lots of room left over for shopping.

Experience It

I gave up shopping when I got sick. Never having been a shopper, I didn’t really miss it. My husband is the shopper in the family and is content to buy anything I need.

For many years I have been an Amazon purchaser, but not today. I would go through the entire toy department, a first since my grandson was born. I conquered the entire ladies' clothing and the entertainment departments.

There is something to the experience of touching and feeling the items that produces serotonin and dopamine. These are the feel-good transmitters in our brain that make us happy to finally reward ourselves.

Doctors don’t agree

My doctor would not agree with my decision to use a scooter, but he doesn't live my life. He would not understand it from my perspective but it made me so happy. This would be the first time that I got back into the car not gasping for oxygen and ready and willing for more.

Editor’s Note: We are extremely saddened to say that on January 7th, 2024, Barbara Moore passed away. Barbara’s advocacy efforts and writing continue to reach many. She will be deeply missed.

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