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COPD and Grocery Shopping

Okay, Raise of hands here.

Who among you considers going grocery shopping to be the most annoying errand ever? If you have COPD, this task can be ten times more difficult.

The dread of grocery shopping with COPD

I hate getting groceries. I always have and always will.

I'm not sure if it's because of the expenses that come with buying groceries, the task of actually getting them, the challenge of constantly coming up with new meal ideas, or simply the crowded stores. But the fact remains: I hate getting groceries.

My kids used to get sick of eating the same meals all of the time. However, I worked two jobs, and my husband also worked two jobs. We hardly had time for anything, and I hated spending that extra time getting groceries and meal planning.

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As my children got married and moved on to their own families, I still hated getting groceries. One thing that my husband and I did like was when some stores started being open 24 hours.

We liked going at odd hours of the night because of this. There were moments when there were no large groups of people.

Having COPD has changed many things, including getting groceries. There are times when I am unable to go to the grocery store when needed. Thank goodness my husband and children do that for me.

Then, the best thing ever happened: pick-up grocery service started. This was the best thing that could ever come out of COVID. I love it.

A major convenience

I wish they would have done this sooner. This has made my life so much better and easier to manage.

The only thing that could be more convenient is if they had a video going down each aisle, so it's like you were in the store and could see everything. However, this has saved me money from impulse buying.

After COVID slowed down a bit this year, I have gone into the store shopping and started living more, but if I need a lot of groceries, I still do the online pickup order.

On the other hand, we found another wonderful thing: dinner meal kits that are sent to your house weekly. You can go online, pick out your meals for a week, and then they will be sent to you the next week.

They have different meal sizes, and any amount from four to seven meals you can get each week. You can also skip a week or hold for a bit if you are going to be out of town, on vacation, etc.

The fact that we eat healthier is a plus for me as well. We eat one serving each now instead of making a dish and sharing it between us and eating way more than a serving.

I did do an article on meal kits, and if you are interested in more information on that, you can find that article here.

Methods that save time and money

From now on, we will probably continue to do online grocery pick-up because of the convenience of it, and we only need staples like bread, milk, eggs, etc., because we will also continue to do the weekly meal kits.

The price of groceries has gone up so much that we save money doing the meal kits. We would spend way more money buying everything we needed for these meals.

How do you feel about getting groceries? Do you do online shopping for pick-up or meal kit plans? Please share with us in the comments below.

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