Shopping, Oh My!

Last updated: May 2018

For some COPDers, shopping is a thing of the past. For others, they still enjoy shopping. Which are you?

Why is it that as you enter a store, be it a grocery store or a retail store, it seems that you are bathed in scents.

I know that others have said the same. Because of this, so many are unable to physically do the shopping. It ends up becoming a task for the spouse or other family members. A person’s personal physical ability makes shopping possible or not. Online shopping has become a solution as well. It makes it easier to shop for a better price as well, especially for those who live in small towns. My husband does the grocery shopping with my list, and I do the online ordering.

One thing I have learned is that if you find a piece of clothing that you really like, purchase another before they are no longer sold. Twenty plus years ago I had my wonderful $10.00 49ers cardigan that I really liked. I wore it so much that it had holes in it. A couple of years ago, I made my husband a pillow out of it. I had another cardigan with perfect pockets to carry things. That was twenty some years ago too. I still wear the dingy gray cardigan around the house. For a few years, I had been looking for a cardigan just like it. Before Christmas last year, I received a catalog in the mail and they had them! They were inexpensive and so comfortable, I didn’t want them to sell out on me, so I ordered one of every color. I think there were 6 of them and they have bigger pockets. I have never done anything like that and it was so exciting! I have learned the hard way when purchasing under garments, if I don’t get another right away, it’s too late. That’s something I like to share with others.

Grocery shopping is another story.

Everything is so expensive. I like to look through the circulars or for online sales. A list is a good thing, it keeps the shopper on task. That keeps a person on a budget, as well as getting what you need. Even with a list, it’s still too easy to shop those inner aisles with all the “goodies.” It’s best to stay on task.

  • If you are needing to gain weight, you will want to shop for the higher calorie, healthy foods. Peanut butter, nuts, eggs, salmon, avocados and more. There are nutritional shakes that you can get too. Think of snacks as well, because you should eat 6 smaller meals a day. Your breathing can burn a lot of calories and it’s possible you aren’t hungry for very much, so the small meals will help.
  • If you need to lose weight, it’s important that you eat healthy, with reduced carbs and calories. Avoid sweets and sodas. Fruits and vegetables are so important. Lean meat is okay. Before dieting, be sure to talk with your doctor.
  • Paper products, incontinence products and more I order online. It simplifies things and they are so bulky to carry.

You can and should make your own shopping list.

Even if you cannot physically do the shopping, you can still be on top of it with your own lists and ideas. I hope you can find some joy in it, just knowing that you have the independence and ability to participate in the shopping adventures.

Happy shopping!

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