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I’m Getting So Excited

Last updated: October 2022

Excite, excited, exciting. Those are rare words for me.

Christmas is two and a half months away, and I’m going to do gifts this year, even homemade. I haven’t been able to do that the past couple of years, but this year though, no matter how small, I will send my love across the miles.

Maybe I’ll send a jar full of paper hugs and kisses.

I love doing homemade gifts, and something bought if possible. Homemade is personal.

Homemade is always a favorite to receive as well. A couple of my grandkids made me picture frames some years ago. When they visit, they are surprised that they are still hanging on the wall.

It’s incredible to feel the love of that gift every day. This isn’t everyone’s “cup of tea,” as they say.

Crafting, to me, is also therapy. Seeing a finished product lifts my spirits, no matter how down I might be. It’s so satisfying knowing that I created something.

The family and friends are getting something this year. They are a gift of the heart. Sometimes, they are sold for money.

In turn, I can buy a gift, supplies, or even medication. An accomplishment with heart is what it is.

Needing support when having COPD

The articles here in our community and on other sites are often inspirational.

I get excited when I read them. They are so inspiring because the people here are writing things that show how brave some people are.

They share from their hearts and trust us to hear. Their words inspire us with what they share. Often it’s their bravery and trust to let us hear them as they speak from the heart.

Information seekers as they seek helpful information from the writers or the readers. We can learn from others as they share about themselves. It may help us with our life now, or it may give us something to tuck away for a later date.

We know that we are all different, each unique in our disease. Yet, tidbits of what another person goes through might be similar to things we experience. We might not feel so alone.

Some might share exercises. These are so helpful. We can choose those that will benefit us the most.

Helping others who need guidance

Many articles can be teaching moments. They can be teaching times for some and learning times for others. Together we can learn about COPD, such as its causes, stages, how to live with it, and how to help a family member through it.

We can also help each other how to find hope when it sounds hopeless when calling the doctor when we aren’t sure we need to, and help a loved one through this disease without losing ourselves.

We can learn to grieve our old life while learning to find life and even joy in this new life.

You see, COPD can feel like a lonely disease. Yet, it's a disease that affects people around the world.

It's incredible to have become friends from these faraway places, even a neighboring town, with COPD as the common denominator.

November is National COPD Month. We need to educate others. Share an article, a word, or a smile.

It’s so important that you know you are never alone. We are always here for you.

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