Hobbies, Crafts and COPD

Getting the COPD diagnosis can feel overwhelming. Each person copes with this in his/her own way. I went numb with my diagnosis. Do you remember yours?

Over time, I’ve come to realize my limitations.

I’ve found that I can’t do a lot of the things that I used to be able to do. It also takes a lot longer to accomplish things. These can cause a person to be upset, depressed or any number of emotions. What do we do?

I believe in therapy. Face to face therapy is good, however, I’m talking about therapeutics here at home. Do you have a hobby or craft? They are something that can help to turn me around where I have something to do, that I can do well and that I can enjoy. I love giving homemade gift too, a gift of the heart.

When beginning a hobby or craft, be sure to look at the whole picture of the craft. Is it affordable to do? Will your physical limitations be affected by this? Limitations could be a noxious paint or something else that might trigger your COPD. Are you able to work with an assortment of things? Example: Needlepoint, power tools, glues, paints, etc? Once you can answer those questions and possibly others, that can help guide you to finding something that you might enjoy.

I loved doing needlepoint, but because of my arthritic hands, it became too difficult to do anymore. Decoupage or Modge Podge is something that I’ve wanted to do and how fun. The glue can seem strong, but I use it in a ventilated area, on good days. Now wreath making has been so much fun. I gave wreaths out for Christmas 2017 and everyone loved their gifts. Doing wreaths, doesn’t trigger my breathing, nor my fibromyalgia.

What you can create is limitless.

If you dream it, it can hopefully be done. I think of hobbies and crafts as therapy. It’s a wonderful feeling to be able to make something and to watch it bloom and grow! Oh yes, to me anything that we make blooms and comes alive. This is the best feeling, especially when you find the beauty in your craft, you might even find your heart into it.

Hobbies can be therapeutic as well. With hobbies, come collections. Years ago, an employee brought me a magnet when she got back from vacation, that was the beginning of my magnet collection. That made everyone happy, especially my kids, because if they wanted to get me a gift or something from their travels, these were small and inexpensively done. I so enjoy them to this day, and remember where each and everyone came from. I have other hobbies and collections as well, however now things need to be behind glass so that I don’t have to cope with dust.

This topic is so exciting. A few years ago, I put together a craft site where people can share photos of their crafts, ideas and helps. There are so many online sites plus Pinterest, if you are searching for ideas.

One day on Facebook there was an image that said something like “Crafting, where you can make something for $50.00 that you could buy for $5.00”. I found that hilarious and so true. It’s important to plan what you want to collect of make. Do you want these for your home, a gift or maybe something to sell? When you create something beautiful, you can’t help but feel good and smile. It would be wonderful to hear what you create or do.

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