COPD in the Summertime

Your breathing is most important. You will have similar effects year round, however in many places summer is a big change from winter. Summer brings it’s own challenges. Here, where I live, the seasons each bring drastic changes. Summertime brings heat and humidity.
It’s important that you listen to your body. You need to be prepared in all circumstances.

Tips for the summer

  1.  Keep your rescue inhaler near you at all times
  2.  If it’s hot outside, stay inside with air conditioning. Go out during the time of day that it’s cooler. When there are less mosquitos as well.
  3. If you need additional air when inside, turn on a fan on for that extra relief.
  4. Carry or wear a mask, they come in all types and styles. You never know when you might run into something where a mask might be needed. It’s best to be prepared.
  5. Avoid inhaling pollen, fire pit smoke, second hand smoke, aerosol sprays, chemicals for the pool, etc. Some may have no problems breathing around these, yet others may have a serious reaction. So before you go visiting or to that party, you might want to make sure that none of these are used. If your neighbor is using, be sure to close your doors and windows. Some of these things can trigger an exacerbation so if you do have effects from these, you might need to see your doctor. You will know by the way you are feeling and breathing.
  6. Humidity can make me feel like I’m drowning. Sometimes like I run into a wall as well. I avoid as much as I can. Thankfully I have air conditioning in the car if I have to go out as well.
  7. Only go outside when it’s cooler. You can enjoy this time and better breathing as well.
  8. If you go someplace, carry a sweater or jacket. It may be hot out, yet the inside of a restaurant or where ever you are going might be very chilly with their air conditioning and fans on. Be prepared, it will help you enjoy your time there.
  9. I always keep a go-bag near the door. It carries a medication list, allergy list and information. I also keep my lists in my purse, by meds and on refrigerator. My go-bag also contains a nebulizer, albuterol, with an additional inhaler. Because I’m so reactive to scents, my allergist recommends that I also carry my own sinus rinse items, soap and a washrag. I carry my special toothpaste and toothbrush. Don’t forget your medications, in case you will be late getting home to take them. Carry extra underwear and additional personal needs, because we never know if there will be a leak, a spill or something else.
  10. Be sure to change the filters on your oxygen concentrator, nebulizer and more.
  11. Check the batteries in your smoke detectors, CO2 detectors, emergency radios and additional things.
  12. Candles affect breathing. I use tealights and led lights for the times that the power is out or for extra lighting. They work for decoration as well.
  13. Invite someone over if you can’t go out, social time is good.
  14. Sunshine provides some health needs, if you are lacking, talk to your doctor. Maybe he/she will prescribe vitamins for you or even a special light that will help provide the needed vitamins and nutrients.
  15. Stay cool and comfortable.

May you have a breathe-easy day and night!

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