A Day In My Life With COPD

Last updated: October 2018

This morning, like many other mornings, I get up to let the pups out and to use the bathroom myself, after removing my c-pap mask and oxygen. The time could be anywhere between 4am to 9am. I need to decide whether I am up or whether I can go back to sleep. Any time after 7am, I will take all of my morning meds. It takes time to take them all. Sometimes, taking them with coffee or tea makes it easier. After my inhaled meds, I rinse my mouth and brush my teeth. In about ½ hour, I might be ready to eat Cheerios or instant oatmeal. I know I should eat before some of my meds, but it seems I get less nauseous when I take meds first, however I do take with 3 or 4 club crackers. If I feel cruddy with mucus, a rattle in my lungs or a tight chest, it’s time to neb as well. Everyone is different, even when it’s time to use the nebulizer or a rescue inhaler. If you are unsure when to use the nebulizer or rescue inhaler, listen to your body and discuss with your doctor. It’s also time to clean my c-pap. I use vinegar and water to wash the mask and cushion, then rinse in water and air dry.

Time to get some things done

While I’m up, I do peek in on Facebook, to check in on a few sites, then it’s a good time for me to move and get a few things done, no matter the time. I like to straighten up the kitchen and living room. Usually, I will find a glass or can, plus puppy toys. Putting those toys away tells my fur babies that it’s playtime! That’s what they think anyway!

Nooo puppies, don’t get up, not yet! Go back to bed! We have 3 shih tzus ages 8-11 and 1 bichi poo age 2 ½. I am so happy that I don’t have any reactions to them and know that it’s important to keep them groomed frequently. Our groomer let me bring in the shampoo that I use at home because it’s something that I can tolerate. I’ve told other groomers that they need to use my oatmeal shampoo because I have severe reactions to their shampoos, etc. But still, they would use only their preferred, foofoo shampoo, because they feel that that’s the way they think a dog should look and smell. In other words, that’s their idea of a finished product. I had a severe reaction once. If these groomers can’t listen, they don’t get a second chance. Ann is our regular groomer and she’s stuck with us! I do brush them frequently and even though they don’t shed, I do get hair/fur in the brush or comb. After brushing them, I make sure to wash my face and hands, or better yet to shower. And never brush them in the bedroom.


I’m feeling that nap coming on. Wow, it’s only 8:00 am ish. I do watch a little tv. That will either regenerate me or give me ½ hour nap or more.

After my nap, I check into Facebook where I check my granddaughters missing page, COPD.net, other COPD sites, and my family and friend’s sites. That takes time. If hubby is off, I make him lunch.

Additional cleaning

Afterward, I try to do additional cleaning. If I dust or use any “green” type of cleaner, I do wear a face mask, rubber gloves, and even goggles. I should say that I am supposed to wear these, although sometimes I forget until my eyes start bothering. Ok, everything is starting and telling me that I’m having a reaction. I do take an allergy medication with my morning meds and evening ones as well. Time to shower… again. My allergies do affect my COPD and asthma. Allergies also make me so tired, that I will likely lay down again, but now to get things done in the meantime. First thing, do I need to use a neb or an inhaler? Probably a neb. It’s amazing how fast a person can feel the tightness in the chest and hear a rattle.


Earlier, I made beef stew, adding potatoes, carrots, cauliflower, and broccoli to the crockpot. This will be a great evening meal, cutting up some fruit as well. Then back to the computer to do some writing and work on other projects. Will eat in about six hours.

I’m not able to sit long, because of my back, or stand long, because of my severe osteoarthritis throughout my body, fibromyalgia too. I know that pain does affect my COPD and my breathing. Pursed lip breathing can make a difference too. Have you tried pursed lip breathing with your pain? It can help to relax you. I like to do some light cleaning, or work on a project, this can be making a gift or something else. So relaxing.

Afternoon meds

Sounds like it’s time for my afternoon meds. I will use my Pro-Air rescue inhaler. I get short of breath (sob). This time I didn’t have any wheezing and am not as tight as I was earlier. Time to take a break. I’ll usually watch a show recorded on my DVR. How nice that supper is already made and almost finished in the crockpot.

After supper, I get the dishes done, unless I am struggling, then dishes will keep until morning.

If hubby is off work, we will find a show that we both might like and will watch that. We might even rent one and air pop some popcorn as well. It’s fun and relaxing. What a day.

With COPD, it’s time to put my c-pap facemask and cushion together. Also, to put distilled water in my c-pap humidifier. Time for night meds. Sometimes it feels like it’s all I do is take meds, “swallow, sniff, and inhale”. I can say, that I can tell if I miss a dose or have to skip one for tests, etc. I will continue with the meds.

Yawn. I hope you have a restful and breathe-easy night/day.

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