Living with COPD

I am a 71 year old woman and have had this disease since 1992. It started off slow and over the years got worse - all due to smoking. The past 2 years I have been in the hospital at least 6 times. Once they had to intubate me for 12 days and told my family I wasn't going to make it. But God I guess didn't want me yet, so I recovered.

I can't live on my own any more because the COPD is so bad and I can only walk with a walker short distances. I am in a rehab center and they are wonderful to me. They got me walking again. When my oxygen goes below 90 I stop what I'm doing and rest.

This is a horrible disease and I wouldn't wish it on anyone. If I wake up in the morning I consider that a plus. I wish all of you with this disease a better day tomorrow.

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