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Your experience with the doctor

I guess I’m scared and worried when I see the Pulmonilogist to go over my results he will judge me or blame me for bringing this on myself.

I am having trouble sleeping, worrying and I guess I’m blaming myself.

Can you share your experiences.

  1. I've dealt with a host of health professionals this year since coming down with a bad case of COPD. In all that time I've only run into one that was rude and judgmental. I told him off and kicked him out of my hospital room and off my case and filed a complaint with the hospital. I worked hard all my life, was good at my job, and earned respect. And, I pay handsomely for the insurance that pays these people, so I won't tolerate anything less than kid glove treatment and top notch service. You shouldn't either. Plus, the profession is meant for people who want to help. Those who don't usually stand out and don't last. But those who treat me well, I have the utmost respect for. Besides - you might be surprised by how many of these folks smoke!

    1. Hi again, Kathy - glad to see this post of yours here as well. I see others in the community have already responded to you here. (Thanks to @Tlee and ), for chiming in here!
      As you may recall, you posted something similar elsewhere on our community platform 2 days ago - so we do have a conversation going there as well. (For ease of reference, here is a link to that conversation we had to which others have also responded:
      I think the more you interact here with others in the community, the more confidence you will gain in managing this condition. I'm sure you will benefit from others experience and communication.
      Looking forward to speaking with you more.
      Leon (site moderator

      1. He sees or hears from at least 10 people a day with COPD. Most will have got to see him through their smoking. Nothing to worry about in this regard. He’s a medic because he want to help you. Get over the shame and negative thoughts, most people get COPD is because of genetics in your case aided by smoking. If you had a heart condition brought on through lifestyle choice would there be the same stigma? I think not.

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