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What foods do you eat that have helped your Copd

I've been doing reading on what foods help breathing people with copd. Its not so much these foods open airways but cut down on phlegm and inflammation. I know pineapple is helpful. Does anyone else know of some we can share as times goes on? I will find more to help others

  1. COPD has got to be nothing less than mysterious. I don't cough, I don't spit, I don't get short of breath, I do take medicines, and I can say these things because I stay in the house. I can go to my car and hit a bar and it's like being at home. But if I go to the barn and try to work at something it won't be long before I'm doubled over catching my breath. Up until March I was using a outside wood boiler to heat our house and barn. It got to the point when I was losing my ability to breath right tossing wood around, I could think of a heart attack had to be next. Sometimes it really took a long time to get my composure back. I wound up selling my boiler for 3500 and bought a spanking new LP 98% efficient indoor furnace for 2800. Best business deal I ever made. I think in the end, everyone can adjust to where things get better.

    1. Hi mickey22, and thanks for your post. We appreciate you sharing your current situation with COPD. You are right, too - it can be a 'mysterious' condition in that if affects everyone differently. I guess, to a certain extent, it 'forced' you into that excellent business deal. You mentioned you are on medication for this condition. Are you able to share your medication regimen? Leon (site moderator)

  2. I was diagnosed with COPD last November of 2017. I have since taken NAC, Siberian Ginsing, Fish oil, Magnesium, and lukewarm honeywater.

    1. I use N-A-C to help control the mucus, works well for me.

    2. Hi again glw1973 and thanks for confirming N-A-C is, in fact, N-acetylcysteine. It is a medication that enjoyed some popularity years ago in the treatment of thick mucus. Glad to hear it works so well for you. In a previous post of yours, I did ask you to qualify the acronym. Glad you explained it here. More importantly, as said, glad to hear you are able to use it successfully currently.
      Wishing you well,
      Leon (site moderator)

      P.S. I just saw another post of yours, glw, and found that you were indeed speaking of N-acetylcysteine. This medication has enjoyed some popularity in treating thick mucus. Glad to hear you have had success using it currently.
      Leon (site moderator)

  3. bananas

    1. Pineapple's a good choice, and when things get a bit too thick here in the phlegm department, I find a cold, crunchy dill pickle makes a difference. I guess anything acidic has some benefit.

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