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What am I missing that is good?

I am new to this community and I am suffering with COPD. I am on Symbacort 160/80 and Pro-air breather that I use sporadicaly throughout the day. I am 66 years old and just stopped working because I could not keep up with the work and "stress" with out running to the mens room and lying on the floor for 15min. every time I ran out off breath to continue my job! Now that Im home I find I can only do so much of "anything" before I have to stop and rest! Please let me know what else I can do besides the meds the doctors are giving me? What do you all do that most find helps in the area of treatment that you all would not live without? Are you using a everyday breathing process like nebulizers or any daily home remedies etc.....

Thanks and God Bless

  1. FIRST CLASS! Thank you for taking the time!

    1. It's our pleasure, Sixtrack!
      I see in my post (below), that I offered to post a link to the articles (published here), which focus on pulmonary rehabilitation, but the link did not appear.
      Well - I can make up for that right now - here is the link to all that material:
      I do hope you find this information is helpful for you.
      Wishing you well,
      Leon (site moderator

  2. Hi, and welcome to our online community.
    We appreciate you sharing your current medical circumstances with the community.

    I can share with you, that many folks with COPD benefit from a pulmonary rehabilitation program It can help to improve one's breathing and increase one's stamina when it comes to performing activities. You may want to discuss this aspect of care with your physician. We have a wealth of information published, on this very topic, right here on For your convenience, here is a link to several of those articles.

    I am hopeful others in the community (both members and team members alike), will read your post and respond accordingly by sharing some of what works for them in terms of managing this condition.

    Please know you are always welcome here!
    All the best,
    Leon (site moderator

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