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Welcome to the Memory Wall

The passing of a friend, family member, or community member can be incredibly difficult, but remembering can be a powerful tool. It may take time to be able to share about a loved one you’ve lost, but if and when you would like to, we are here. This is a place to share any memories of those who have passed, whenever you are ready.

  1. My condolences to all of Liana's family & friends. I've experienced the brutality of this disease for over 9 years. The disease doesn't care about your plans; it has a mind of it's own, which is what is so frightening. All we can do is keep it at bay for as long as possible until it overtakes us. This disease ruins what would otherwise have been good days, so we have to accept what joy we can. I'm sure Liana put up a hard fight. But there comes a time when we must throw down the gauntlet. I'm sure Liana put up a gallant fight. I wish her Godspeed.

    1. I was so saddened to hear about the passing of our beloved and much admired Liana Collet.
      What a perfect way to describe our dear friend and colleague - COURAGEOUS - she embodied that term and, was so aptly written - "Her courage was on full display..."! Liana did leave quite a legacy for all of us to cherish - her body of work and her grace in dealing with this unforgiving illness.
      I will miss you, Liana!
      Leon (site moderator

      1. Thank you for this beautiful tribute, Leon. Liana had an infectious spirit and was unafraid to speak her truth. I'll greatly miss working with her and will cherish the memories and articles we still have. - John M. ( Team)

      2. Agreed, John!
        This wall is a wonderful feature for all of us to use!
        Leon (site moderator

    2. Wishing Peace for the family and friends of Debz

      1. Thanks for weighing in here, Frogger.
        Your input is very much appreciated here!
        Leon (site moderator

    3. I'm sorry to hear this news. When I got here (recently) I was (and still am) a rookie with my COPD, and I hungrily devoured all I could read here, trying to make up for time I lost on the other side of my previous wall of denial about my disease. The articles Debs wrote, and their personal touch, helped me to calm down and relax a little, and start to learn how to live with the major restriction that it imposes on my life. She had much insight to share, and with her help I felt more at ease here. And now I'm sorry I didn't get here sooner so I could have known her better. She struck me as being one of those people who just gave whatever she had to give. I am grateful for the knowledge and help she gave here, and will miss her. As I go down this path, I, like all of us growing old, am forced to add names to the list of folks I wish I could have had more time to get to know. So long, Debs. May you stay forever young.

      1. , thank you so much for sharing that lovely tribute to our Debz. You are so right, she had so much to share and she loved doing it. We will all miss her so much, but her articles and all the help they brought will continue to offer support to our community. All the best, Sam S. (, team member).

      2. Yes indeed. Debz was an amazing COPD hero to us all. She kept such a positive attitude that helped me get through each day a little easier. She will be greatly, greatly missed.

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