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Taken with grain of salt, or how not to strangle your friends

I was diagnosed in April, 2018. For a week or so, my congestion and wheezing was so loud, it woke me up or kept me from sleeping. I smoked a bit more than a pack a day. Finally, I decided to see my Dr. and ask for a strong quit smoking patch or whatever. I was very skeptical as I enjoyed smoking so much and no patch or lozenge would help.

Early one morning, I could hardly breathe. I got up and just knew if I laid back down, I'd die. I crawled to the phone and called for help. They told me to unlock the front door...fifteen feet away..OH NO! I did. I recall being placed into bed in a large private room YES! At least an eighty inch TV RE YES! X rays were clear. No fever. Only a high white count. Three days later after swabs, I got diagnosed. Now, I am in mild stage, with sats at 96. Albuterol inhaler is GREAT. I also have spiriva respimat, advair and nebulizer. Friends know "all about it"....they hardly ever ask me to visit them, knowing I can't promise anything for a future date. They visit me infrequently. NOW, I get "When are you going to get over this?" Then offer holistic suggestions....honey, ginger and vinegar will heal me!! Then hey, tell your brain you're getting better. Your brain will tell your body you're getting better then you will be cured!

Flair ups send me to the hospitals...I've been there seven times and will go again. Flair ups are my only concern as I will probably die of old age before COPD kills me...but the flair ups...hmmm. Before I was diagnosed in 2018, I did not have the flu or a cold since 1996. Getting a disease was totally different. I don't regret having smoked because I liked it. I don't regret having this because I knew of the risks. Sometimes this is hell. Most times it's a constant weight on me every second of the day BUT I have mostly mild symptoms. Getting FAT from prednisone, can't walk too far because of two trashed knees. Oh, well, buy bigger shirts and keep helping people and making them smile or laugh.

  1. Flyer, my heart goes out to you for the loss of your step son.
    Know that we are here for you.

    Janet (site moderator/

    1. Thank you so much! Things are hectic, symptoms have increased a bit, a close friend died a few days ago..helping his wife as much as possible. Fatigue is huge but awake when I want to sleep. Three new meds, and do feel my lungs are better...although they're not. I don't mean to complain after your kind and supportive thoughts but this is me now and I do appreciate you and the others here. I am thankful for your response.

    2. Flyer, you are dealing with so much right now. I also want to express my sympathies for the loss of your step son. I am glad you took the time to reply, and it’s not complaining, it’s the real, heavy things you are going through right now- and we are happy to offer support whenever we can. Please message anytime. ~Melanie (team member)

  2. Oh, was in hospital seven days..Sun to Sun....nearly every night I had what I called attacks....suffocating...kicking and fighting in bed because of no air. Those attacks went away in a short time...but every the same time, I was trying to concentrate a little on the funeral for my step son, who died suddenly in his sleep at a young age, which I missed. The nursing staff literally saved me with their concerns and when seemed liked real friendship.

    1. Hi Flyer, and thank you for sharing your story here. You've had quite a journey with this condition.

      I'm so sorry to hear of the unexpected loss of your stepson at such a young age. Please accept my condolences at this time, and extend them, too, to the rest of your family.

      If there is anything we can do to assist you, please know we are always here to lend support, share information or just to provide an ear to listen to. Please know, you are always welcome here in our online community.

      Warm regards,
      Leon (site moderator

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