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Starting new nebulizer

Have had COPD for 10 years. Because of multiple allergies to sprays I am starting a nebulizer soon. Will I be able to still use the Ventolin that I am now using? I use the Ventolin 8 times a day since I had a severe allergic reaction to Anoro and cannot find any other bronchodilators that I can abide. Will the new Albuterol nebulizer allow me to still use Ventolin if needed?

  1. Yea the nebulizer works well,I use a combination of Albuterol,and Bromide combined

    1. I started on Albuterol .083%/3ml solution every 4 hours as needed about 6 months ago. I'm currently using it every 4 hours around the clock, which means being woken up throughout the night by shortness of breath... and doing another treatment. On particularly bad days, my SOB starts kicking in after 3 hours... at which point I do 1 puff of Ventolin to get me through to my next treatment. Of course if it gets really bad, I'll just do a treatment early.
      I've discussed this with both my pulmonary and pcp doctors and their response has been... do what you need to do. Which to me means, a) use the drugs I have to get relief, b) suffer through sob till my next scheduled treatment or c) 911 to the ER... where they will hit me with a massive dose of steroids and back to back duoneb treatments with an external vent on standby.
      Check with your doctors, if you haven't already..... and good luck.

      1. You can use the nebulizer with your maintenance inhaler. I was on Ventolin and my nebulizer at the same time. Be careful as you have already had an allergic reaction.

        1. Thanks for the reply. I use Ventolin - not a substitute as I know I can tolerate it. When I start the nebulizer, I first must see that I can tolerate it and them find how long it will be effective. I may need to use the Ventolin when I get up, or during the night when I get up every three hours. Hoping the two will work together, but not sure who to ask.

          1. You certainly have a lot going on but it also seems that you're being very mindful of how to proceed. Thank you for your response and please keep us posted on how it goes. All the best. - John M. ( Team)

          2. Have the nebulizer now and will try it when one of my kids can come over to make sure I don't have a reaction. Am still apprehensive and putting it off I know. Will keep you informed.

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