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Stage 3

How long have you been in stage 3 copd?

  1. Interesting question! Have to say I was never in Stage 3, I went from stage 1/2 straight to stage 4 (final stage). Bad bacterial infection did that. Been here a couple years now, battled other illnesses before and after and still going! Keep in mind though as you seek this answer and that even though we all suffer from COPD we all react different, so no 2 answers will be alike. It truly comes down to you and your care team. Are you taking all your meds as prescribed? Are they still working for you or are you in need of a change? Eating healthy? Other medical condition if any under control? Are you avoiding your triggers, pollens, chemicals from cleaning to personal hygiene items, smoke, car exhaust etc.... all of this ads up to how you as an individual will remain in better health and maybe not advance so fast, could be years of hanging out in Stage 3, just never know. Not much of an answer, but it's the only one I know. How are you doing? Hanging in there? It can be a scary ride at times, but with meds, talk therapy, asking questions, and learning about your condition does help. Lots of great information on this site. IF you find you are having bouts of depression and or anxiety these are normal for people with chronic illness seek help as needed, try not to let them get out of control. Hope this was a little helpful. Thoughts and Prayers to you!

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