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Spotlight on... Weather!

Whether it's the heat and humidity or wind and the cold... we hear from many community members that weather can strongly affect their COPD. Does this happen to you? Have you found any tips or tricks to cope with it? Please join the conversation here!

  1. Just over a year ago, our own posted an article providing community feedback on COPD and the weather. Not only is there a listing of some of the common responses, but there is a compilation of other articles from the COPD staff on the same topic!
    I thought this would be a good place to link that article:
    I think you'll find it makes interesting and informative reading.
    All the best,
    Leon (site moderator)

    1. Janet Plank, you covered all that I know.
      Anybody else?

      1. Hi Wheezy,

        In addition to what Leon and Janet posted above, I thought you might be interested in these articles on weather and COPD as well:,, and

        I hope these are helpful! And if you haven't seen it yet, you may want to check out our "Spotlight on Weather" which is the topic of the month this month!

        Jenn ( Team)

    2. The weather definitely affects me and I know others have said the same.

      Heat and humidity is so hard. The humidity can make me feel like I'm drowning. They compare this with drinking through a straw. I feel that on the left side. It's something that people can't understand unless they go through it. I stay inside with the air conditioner on. Because of arthritis and fibro, I will wear sweaters. If it's too chilly, we turn the heat on. The nice thing is, we have the control inside the house, however barometric pressure can wreak havoc and we dress, and adjust the temp as needed. That's usually a day for a good nap. Always keep a rescue inhaler handy. Drink water, that's so important for your overall health.

      Wind and cold can be unbearable. I dont get along with the cold at all and wind will make it seem that it's driving the cold to go right through me. Again I have multiple health issues and one seems to affect the other. I make sure that I dress in layers, even in the house if needed. I am basicly homebound, but if I do get out, I make sure that I have a mask to cover my mouth and nose, and something to cover my head. Good traction on my boots and shoes so that I don't slip. If you are on oxygen, do put the hose in your clothes, coat at least, to keep your tubing and oxygen warm. Be sure to stay hydrated, drink plenty of water throughout the day.

      How about you?

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