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Side effects

Don’t have a lot of mucus, but clear drainage from my nostrils very often! I am supposed to have oxygen 24/7, and this drainage makes that very hard, especially when I’m in the kitchen, either eating or preparing food.
Does this bother others?

  1. Mucinex works for me, for all congestion and sinus issues other than sinus inflammation. 12-hour extra strength, tablets, not a cough med, just congestion, but with congestion gone I no longer cough.

    1. Bjpopedent yes very hard to eat wearing O2 and when allergy season hits lots of nasal use a nasal spray for inflammation. Then I wait for it to work. How many of us have canilas by the mouth till it calms. Dr. Prescribed a mild calmer downer so I can stop hyperventilating on top of all. I also take a allergy pull and it dries mucus so I can breathe thru nose

      1. I sure do lately its killing me

        1. Thanks for the article Leon, it was very interesting. I think what and I are experiencing is more of a drainage problem, not stuffiness. My nose runs constantly with a clear drainage. I use a saline inhaler which doesn't seem to help much.

          1. Hi again, Ptouri - thanks for your reply and further explanation. I hear you! There are so many variations of symptoms folks experience with COPD, that not all explanations apply to each individual circumstance.
            However, since you actually clarified what your own situation is (and possibly, whirledpeas, as well), I did a little search here on to see if there were some topics that were similar to the situation you shared here (constantly runny nose with clear drainage), with the community.
            I did find something that may more closely resemble what you've described. For your convenience, here is a link to that article: I think you'll see that, in addition to the post itself, by , you'll see the comments from the community and team members are also related to this issue.
            What do you think? Is this at all similar to your experience?
            Have a good night!
            Leon (site moderator

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