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Side effects

Did everyone receive their vaccine? I am concerned because I've been hearing how some people r not doing well afterward. I want to know if the vaccine interferes with meds we take but I don't know where to start since this is a relative new vaccine. My 2 daughters were vaccinated because they work at healthcare facilities. On had minor issues for a few days. The other was fine. But I am 72 and on oxygen
and concerned. Thanks

  1. please talk to your doctor about the matter. Wishing you well.

    1. hello I’ve had the first one a month ago and I’m getting the second shot in 4 days. I was so scared and nervous too so I had to come in here and ask. I didn’t have major side affects on the first dose. Just tired/exhausted and sore arm for 3 days and chills that only last 24 hours. I wasn’t planning to take it but according to my doctor he said it was a must for me to take it.

      1. I have had the first vaccination and will have the second in a few weeks. The only side effect was a fever the following day which earned me a day of cable tv. My pulmonary doc did not mention any concerns with my meds. Good luck!

        1. Hi cynthiajk, and thanks for chiming in here and sharing your experience with the (first) vaccination injection. We appreciate your feedback.
          Good luck with the second vaccination in a few weeks!!
          Leon (site moderator

      2. Hi roscoe, and thanks for your inquiry. I'm hopeful others in the community will respond to you with their own personal experiences to share.
        Given your concern, you may want to discuss this further with your physician. The doctor will certainly be able to guide you as to what is best for your own specific medical condition and the vaccine.
        What do you think?
        Leon (site moderator

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