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Share a photo: What's in your COPD toolkit?

Inhalers, breathing devices, oxygen - comment with a picture of your COPD treatment and management toolkit!

    1. , hi there! Thanks so much for sharing! Wishing you an easy day. All the best, Sam S. (COPD.Net, Team Member).

  1. This thread has only a couple of replies, not 14 as it says. Also, there are only 2 pictures and they are not only tiny, they are also sideways. Can't enlarge them. Worthless.

    1. Hi , thanks for bringing this to our attention! We are looking into what the issue could be. Thanks, Sam S. (COPD.Net, Team Member).

    2. , thanks again for bringing this to our attention, regarding the issue with the images, this is something our tech team is aware of and is working to fix so they are all right side up. As for enlarging the images, that is a great suggestion, thank you for your input and I will make sure to take it to our tech team! Now in regards to the issue with the thread, for us, it is showing all of the comments. As Leon said, sometimes they are easy to miss because they are reply's to other comments and not in the continuous thread. Are you able to see them if you go through and hit the "see previous replies' button? -Sam S. (COPD.Net Team Member).

  2. I just want to add to look at a recliner with arms that hold a drink and/or magazines on the side. I bought my electric chair in my small town before I knew they had those attributes available. I had to add a lot of pillows to mine to make it comfortable (altho top of the line) and yes, I sometimes wake up with a backache but no amount of pillows in a bed was helping me sleep. Most of the time I feel like I'm "nesting" and comfortable with two small chests on either side, a bookcase kind of to the side & back of me & a movable hospital -like tray in front... containing most of my needs at my fingertips. I live alone sort of out of town so nobody but me to fetch & carry. Best to all.

    1. Hi again, Anita, and thanks for chiming in here and sharing your own personal experiences managing this condition with the community. Many in our community have expressed similar sentiments when it comes to having a decent night's sleep. For some, the bed-with extra pillows works. For others, it's a recliner (like you), a couch or simply raising up the head of the bed.
      We appreciate you sharing the specifics and details of how you get your best sleep using the recliner and the adjuncts to help you out too!!
      Please know, you are always welcome here in our online community!
      All the best,
      Leon (site moderator

  3. Hi all

    1. Hi Anita, and welcome!!
      Leon (site moderator

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