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Scared the hell out of me!

I first told my story here about a year and a half ago , when I was sure my days were numbered, 3 years earlier I started my trips to the hospital , every winter 2-3 times , I went to my doctor and said I was done I couldn’t do it anymore it was just to hard , when I wasn’t sick I was recovering from being sick it was a vicious cycle, I actually told him I was going off my blood pressure medication and pray for a heart attack because it had to be easier than suffocating to death he told me I would probably have a stroke and lay paralyzed for the rest of my life . And he prescribed a medication called , Daliresp the generic is Roflumilast , I have not been in the hospital, since I started this medication it’s been almost 18 months since I’ve had an exacerbation. And I also am in stage 4 , so please , talk to your doctor about this drug see if it can help . I pray it will do for all of you what it has done for me. God give us all strength to face the hard road ahead.

  1. Thank you for the update on your health. I am very glad to read that the current medication has made such an improvement in your life. I hope it continues to keep you free from exacerbations. That is wonderful. My best to you, Becky (moderator)

    1. Thanks

      1. hi, I have severe emphysema and bronchiectasis. My anxiety is through the roof.. I mentioned roflumilast to my consultant last week but he seemed to ignore me over this and is sending me for breathing tests to see if im a candidate for zephyr valves

      2. Hi . Have you asked your doctor why he is ignoring your request? If there is a valid reason, you deserve to know. I hope the Zephyr value consultation goes well and that you are a candidate, if you are interested in that treatment path. Best wishes. - Lori (Team Member)

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