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What is your experience with pulmonary rehab?

My physician just ordered pulmonary rehab for me. I’d love to hear any experiences, if you’re willing to share. Thanks

  1. Hi Sky and thanks for your post. Many of our community members have reported wonderful experiences with pulmonary rehabilitation programs. Hopefully, some will see your request and provide their own personal anecdotal experiences for you.
    In the meantime, I thought you might want to look over some of our published material on this very topic: . If you find this article to be helpful, you can do a search for more material or, just ask, and I or another moderator/team member will provide more articles. Wishing you the best, Leon (site moderator)

    1. The article was very helpful! Thanks, Leon

      1. Hi again, Sky, and thanks for the feedback. We have a wealth of information on COPD and everything related to COPD here on . You can always look around on your own or, if you need assistance, I will be more than happy to provide it. Warmly, Leon (site moderator)

    2. Hi Sky3415
      Your question is so exciting!
      Personally, pulmonary rehab is new in our area. However, it has been available to many others. I have heard from others about how pulmonary rehab has changed their lives. Please realize that I can only share from those who shared with me. Names and information are confidential. In pulmonary rehab, some may use a treadmill, a bicycle or other equipment. Some may even include some cardio.
      For some people, Pulmonary Rehab helped to improve oxygen levels; it has helped to build endurance. It has helped to slow the progression of the COPD disease. It helps to strengthen the body and helps to teach a person how to breathe. In some areas, people learned how to use a harmonica to strengthen their lungs. If you are wanting to, you can go to YouTube to see how harmonicas are used.
      There have been so many positive stories, and yes, alot of work by the participants.
      Please let us know what you decide to do and how it goes for you.
      I wish you well,
      Janet (site moderator)

      1. I will be on my 6th visit and I’m wondering how long before I see any results? How long it take? I go once a week because I can’t afford the insurance copays to go more.
        I actually feel worse at times since I’ve been going but I know it’s suppose to help me. I do treadmill, recumbent bike, 2# weights.

        1. Hi Lollipoplady, and thanks for joining in the conversation here. You may be aware that everyone responds differently to pulmonary rehabilitation. In the most general of terms, doing any form of exercise requires consistent application. It's perfectly okay if you can only attend sessions once a week but, in order to be successful, I would suggest you try to do the exercises (you've learned at your sessions) more frequently, if you are physically capable of doing so. A good rule of thumb would be about three times a week.
          Naturally, you should speak about this with both your physician and the pulmonary rehabilitation staff.
          Please do check back and let us know how you're doing. You are always welcome here!
          Leon (site moderator)

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