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Do I need to see a pulmonologist?

Went to my new primary doctor today, wanted referral to pulmonary doctor.

Asked my new primary doctor for a referral to pulmonary doctor. I have COPD for 5 years now, and she said I didn't need to see a pulmonologist. She prescribed me stiolto inhaler. Was this OK, and is this stiolto a good med for COPD?

  1. Really new to this site and realize Leon has provided an answer and the question is seven months old but really felt the need to weigh in on this subject for personal reasons. I am 68 years old and have been under a number of doctors care for the last 20 years. During that time I have had had some great doctors, good doctors and really poor doctors. I strongly suggest you do as I have done-simply tell him or her that you appreciate their opinion you will find another doctor. Any doctor who refuses to allow a referral, under the conditions you described, needs to go home and decide what they want to really be since their ability to be a "great" doctor is absolutely non existent. Really easy to "fire" your doctor..

    1. Hi brucifer and welcome! We’re glad you’ve been able to be so transparent with your healthcare team! It's important to note that everyone's experiences may vary and we want to support each community member on their journey. Second (or even third or fourth!) opinions can be helpful for many folks but everyone has their own communication style. 😀 In addition, I wanted to share an insightful article on getting a second opinion: Thanks again for sharing, and I'm glad you're here in our community! - Alesandra ( Team)

    2. Hi again Brucifer and thanks for your post and clarifying your own situation (i.e. - a seven month old concern). Your experiences about seeking out the best physician for oneself is spot on as well. While we cannot provide medical advice or diagnostics over the internt\et (for your own safety), I thought, in view of your concern, that you might find it helpful to look over this material on the Stiolto medication: . Warm regards, Leon (site moderator)

  2. Hi bassman and thanks for your post. While you may be aware that we cannot provide medical advice or diagnostics over the internet (for your own safety), your inquiry certainly warrants a reply.
    It's interesting to hear you've been diagnosed with COPD as of 5 years ago. Was it another primary physician who made the diagnosis? And now do you have a new primary physician? Either way, it's perfectly acceptable and prudent for you to want to see a specialist. As you well know, pulmonologists are specialists who treat all types of diseases related to the lungs. It's not good to hear that your primary doctor is discouraging you from seeing one. Perhaps you could be more insistent with her. As an alternative, your insurance company may be able to guide you (as needed) if your physician will not.
    We understand you wanting to know more about the medication (Stiolto) that was prescribed for you. I thought you might find it helpful to review this article on that very medication: . I think this article may provide you with more insight as to your pharmaceutical concerns.
    I hope this brief response has been useful for you.
    Please do check back with us and let us know how you're doing.
    All the best,
    Leon (site moderator)

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