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Pets of

Have your pets helped you cope during your experience with COPD? Show them some love by sharing their pictures here in this forum!

  1. George, fluffy, loveable, fun

    1. Thankyou for your reply Leon.Yes George is the boss.Hee hee.X

    2. Georgie moo.X

  2. George, fluffy, loveable, fun

    1. George, fluffy, loveable, fun

      1. Our dog Rusty the Russel hasn’t left my side since I came out of hospital,he sleeps on my bed ,in my bed and is so loving towards me.It’s as if he knows somethings wrong and he’s guarding me against monsters.🤣
        However he is a thief ,you cant leave anything lying around or it’s gone,coffee biscuits sweets toast even a baby wipe has fell foul of the 4 legged Cat burglar .



        1. , he seems like he keeps you on your toes! He is very cute, thank you for sharing with us! All the best, Sam S. (, team member).

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