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G'day Folks , ( from Australia )
I'm a mild case COPD , probably caused by living in a very polluted city , when a nipper . ( London EastEnd ) . I sail a yacht 8 months of the year and have predictable spells of heavy breathing ( due to exersion at the mast , of course !! ). My remedy is to use my breathing exercises , learned here ! I am experimenting , this season , with a shot of "Boost " , 95% pure Oxygen. One shot at the start of recovery. Has anyone tried a suppliment of pure oxygen ?

  1. Good morning Leon and Sam,
    Your opinions are very valuable to me . Of course ,I cannot take any careless risks with my lungs. However, as you can judge , I intend to source as much information and feedback , as possible. If I use "Boost ",it will be for a short period as I expect almost instant results . Relief not cure . Yes ,Sam , I will be happy to report back should I experiment . Greetings to all in our community over this Christmas holiday. By the way ,I started on the idea of a respiratory relief package following advice from a dear lady friend who previously worked for LAPD, in Los Angeles.Her experience with saving lives , did impress me so.
    Bob ( Queensland Australia-and very hot !! )

    1. Hi Leon, Thank you for feedback. I did speak GP , some while ago , he didn't recommend oxygen such as a boost shot . The same family GP is trying to have me jabbed against COVID . We don't see eye to eye !! However, the product Boost , is stated as being the same "oxygen" , that is used by Aviators and mountain climbers. For this reason , i'm currently planning to use the "Boost " as a reliever , not as a preventer ( I use Seretide for that ), during my next vouage , March 2022. However , any further personal experiences will be valued.

      1. , I am sure, as Leon said, if any of our community members have experience with this they will share them with you! I also agree, that doing your own research in this is incredibly important to make sure that it will be successful in helping someone with COPD. Please keep us updated on your experience if it is something you decide to try! All the best, Sam S. (, team member).

      2. Hi Bob, and thanks for getting back to us here.
        As it turns out, your GP seems to be on the right course when he is discussing oxygen from the "Boost" product. Even though they may market the product as being 'aviator grade' or suitable for mountain climbers, those are completely different circumstances than those for which you are planning to use it.
        Remember, they also market the product as being 95% oxygen.
        You may want to reconsider - high level percentages of oxygen are not always suitable for someone with a diagnosis of COPD. Many COPD patients are on 'liter flows' of oxygen or, specific oxygen concentration type masks. In general, these therapies deliver low oxygen concentrations - typically 24%-35%, depending on the patient's specific disease. It is rare to find a patient with COPD who uses or requires a high concentration of oxygen.
        Of course, the choice is yours - it is important that you be well informed before making a decision.
        What do you think?
        Leon (site moderator

    2. Hi Bob - and welcome (from Australia)! Greetings from New York!
      So glad to have you here in our online community!
      I am so happy to hear the very breathing exercises you use to help manage this condition (COPD), you actually learned here!!
      As for your plan to use 'Boost' oxygen - first, I would hope others in the community will chime in and share their own personal experiences using this product.
      From my perspective, this is just the sort of product you may want to check out with your physician prior to using it. Since 'Boost' markets itself as being 'pure' oxygen, generally speaking, high concentrations of oxygen are not always suitable for folks with a COPD diagnosis. Besides speaking with your physician, you also may want to do your own search to check out the reviews of this product.
      What do you think?
      Leon (site moderator

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