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Out of breath

Hi everyone, I am kind of new at this and have read a number of posts on how to deal with it but sure could use some advise. Last year the doctor told me I have Chronic Bronchitis. When I researched it online I read that I could die within the next few years. This scared me because even though I am over 60, I have very young children. Yesterday playing soccer with my son, I had to stop after 30 min because I was completely out of breath. I did smoke for about 40 years and finally quit 10 years ago. Mainly I just wanted to know how to determine what stage I am. I could go to the doctor again but it is getting harder to get an appointment due to the virus.

  1. Allyson,

    THANK YOU!!! That really did help to know that I might have more time with my young children. I will start changing my way of life to be healthier. Thank you for the support


    1. Hi , thank you for reaching out! I hear how overwhelming your chronic bronchitis diagnosis felt for you. One important thing to know about this disease is that there is no way to predict life expectancy. Many in the community have lived decades with COPD, many over 10 years with stage 4, and are still managing - just at a slower pace. Keeping yourself active is a great way to promote your lung health! It is also important to listen to your body's cues and rest when it is telling you. I'm glad you stopped when you were feeling out of breath from playing soccer with your son.
      Only a doctor can accurately diagnose and determine what stage you are currently in. Most often, this is done through pulmonary function tests. I want to share a couple of articles with you that I thought might be of interest:
      Please know we are here to listen when you need support and to help direct you to what resources we can! Keep us posted on what you learn and how you are managing. Wishing you a gentle day and a peaceful start to the new year! ~Allyson ( team)

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