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My oxygen and me

I was embarrassed to wear oxygen to church. I managed to do it and over time I was pretty comfortable. Then the senior pastor told me I didn't need that thing. I kept on going to church, but he makes me feel uncomfortable to be around. I need to use oxygen 24/7.

    What gave Him the RITE to Say?!?!?
    , You DIDN’T NEED that THING. “
    Was It a POC or TANK?

    1. Spending 20 years at the same church produces a bond with church family...

      1. I love my church family. The pastor I was speaking about passed away . He was basically a good person.

      2. Hi billie jo, wondering how you are getting on, hope all is well.X

    2. Be sure and wave at the pastor when he's on the wrong side of the pearly gates and you're not!😎🤣
      He'll be with a bunch of other idiots trying to get in.
      Seriously the 50th?! Nobody be turning cartwheels there.
      Go and enjoy yourself.
      Probably be another 50 years till you see them again.

      1. 100% great answer!

    3. Well I went to my 50th and it was kind of a big nothing. I had my bf wheel me to the site of the dinner in my shiny new wheelchair and saw no one I knew, but never ran out of breath. Then we parked it away on the side and I walked to dinner and had fine not thrilling time without oxygen. I left kind of on the early side, slid by everyone back into my wheelchair and thought I'd eluded everyone's gaze at my condition until the next day when my old colleague from that time emailed to ask me what was wrong -- why I'd left early in a wheelchair. So there's no getting away with anything. I've been very up and very down SOB wise in the subsequent two weeks. Utterly mysterious. One day I can do almost anything with no SOB and the next I can't inhale at all. I think either I am having frequent flare ups, or my bronchitis just returns a bit and clogs up my bronchials. So weird.

      1. I'm glad you went. I think you would have regretted it had you not went. I admire you for going.

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