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Metered Cryospray Improves Outcomes in Chronic Bronchitis in COPD

Really like pulmonary advisor. Unlike some other publications, they publish meaning research.

A more expansive study is currently recruiting across the U.S.

  1. Interested in this one personally myself. Should be available soon.

    1. Definitely worth the read, thank you.

        1. Wow great advise, loving this one

          Recruitment status open.

          This is the RejuvenAir® System,
          metered cryospray trial.
          More info available here.

          I've emailed them but my FEV1 is too high. So stupid that I have to have to suffer longer before I can get treatment. If my QOL was great, do you think I'd take a chance on a clinical trial? If available to the public, I would pay for it. Hopefully that day will come soon.

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