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Lung percentage

Anyone else told your lung percentage after a breathing test at the dr office? I’m feeling alone out here, he says mine is 26% am I alone? I know I’m scared!

  1. thanks to everyone for you responses, I need them all!! Keep them coming please!

    1. You are definitely not alone. Most people are tested as they reach the most severe level of COPD and have about 30% lung function. You are not alone. Reach out anytime. Someone is always around. Barbara Moore (site moderator)

  2. you are not alone. My FEV was 28% at my last pulmonary function test. Exercise has made a huge difference in my energy level, I cannot stress this enough. I finally went to a pulmonary rehab gym a few years back and although it wasn't a good program and very expensive it did give me the confidence I can get on a treadmill. I did buy a treadmill and some days it's only for a few minutes but other days up to 22 minutes. I do wear oxygen while exercising and sleeping. I have a portable oxygen machine to take walks outside which took me five years to do cuz I didn't want people to see me on oxygen. I finally realized I had to get over that, and I'm happy to be able to go outside and enjoy a nice day. I use a rollator walker cuz it makes it easier to walk. check out the copd athlete website. COPD is scary but we can make our lives more manageable by eating healthier and exercising.

    1. My FEV percentage, which is what I believe your doctor was telling you, has declined from about 30% in 2012, to 21% six months ago. In 2012 I experienced some ongoing and increasing shortness of breath, but, until then, it had not significantly restricted me. Since then, I have experienced more symptoms and greater limitations, but still enjoy a reasonably good quality of life with well-managed therapy. Since my 2012 diagnosis, I have been continuously on inhalation therapy (currently using Breo Ellipta and Incruse Ellipta) and mucolytics and a nebulizer to reduce mucous buildup. For the past four years, I have also been on supplemental oxygen therapy, both with a portable oxygen concentrator during the day, and with a BiPAP non-invasive ventilator while sleeping at night. The oxygen therapy imposes the greatest limitations, but also provides the greatest benefits: I can do light exercise, walk outside, do some gardening, drive my car, go to the store or (finally) to a movie-- as long as I have sufficient battery power in my portable oxygen concentrator. As much as I wish things were better, I'm grateful that Stage 4 COPD can be a manageable disease and still sustain a rewarding life.

      1. Hi dickop - I see my original post from yesterday did not post in its entirety. Thanks to , my colleague, for alerting me to this little glitch.
        I wanted to thank you for lending your own encouragement and support here with the community. I also wanted to tell you we are appreciative that you have shared your own personal experiences managing this condition.
        It's so good to hear that you view life, despite these challenges, to be worthwhile and rewarding. I feel the same way.
        If there is anything we can do to assist you, please let me or any other moderator / team member know.
        Warm regards,

        Leon (site moderator

      2. Thanks so much Melanie! I've rewritten the comment.
        Leon (site moderator

    2. I've had many test since diagnosis in 2007. I'm well below an FV1 of 20. Late stage. Volume around 19% or less. Much phlegm production. Tire easily. Wake up every 3 hrs or so.

      1. , I'm really sorry to hear how much you're suffering right now. Please know we are here to support you the best we can and are wishing you a peaceful day. - John M. ( Team)

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