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Living with pets and copd

Im interested in finding out if your pets are helpful for you or does dealing with fur, litter boxes, caring for pets makes things harder.

  1. I use tidy cats which has very little dust. Litter box sits right by the toilet so I can sit while scooping. Although , my caregiver does it most of the time.

    1. hello
      I have 4 small dogs, 3 are seniors. They are all the non-shedding breeds. Even so, there is still light shedding. I keep their coats short and frequent brushings. They have a doggie door into a fenced yard.
      They do keep me moving, even sometimes to let them out, I feed and water, we play. They are my constant companions. It’s amazing how much better I feel after listening to my ups and downs and they never tire of me. Talking out loud helps me sort out what I’m thinking about too. My allergist and doctors do know that I have dogs. Do talk to your doctor.
      Let me know about you.
      Janet (site moderator)

      1. i have a 4 month old kitten that doesn't shed very much. I spent all of 2020 by myself so my doctor suggested that I get a pet. He has made a huge difference in my life. He keeps my laughing. My life has a purpose that I had lost last year.

      2. how cute! They are so fun at that age. Do you change the litter box yourself? Try to find something that isn’t real dusty.
        Our fur babies are the very best. I know without mine I would be lost too.

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