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Latest CT scan.

Not looking good. Doc said "very high risk for any intervention". AS far as I can tell, it means 1 year or less to go. The only thing that bothers me is not being able to do stuff I enjoy. Pollen season is here, and it is pretty bad in s. central Texas. Cant really leave though. I appreciate all the help and concern of everyone here. You have made things much better for me. My friend has finally accepted we are just friends, and I did but a truck for myself. Dont use it much, but it feels great to know I can leave anytime. Truck has given me my independence back and helped with anxiety issue. Thanks again you wonderful people.

  1. My heart goes out to you member 947, I wish I had some words of wisdom for you, I don't, with your remaining time however long that is try to have/do the things you enjoy most, even if it just viewing pic's of it,,,,, I understand an agree with 'the buying of the truck'..... know that others are thinking of you even way up north in Canada . were all in this together. take care Ian

    1. Please keep the snow, I like my warm sunshine, lol. I do play bingo on a Thursday night. Had good luck for the last 5 months. Today just to weak and shaky to do much, except play games on the laptop. Thank goodness for solitaire. You can always buy an RV lot in Texas. Here a basic 100 x 40 sells for around $15,000. Utilities at the curb. In the Piney woods very close to the 2nd biggest lake in Texas. NO SNOW!!! WE watch squirrels and all kind of wildlife and are about 2 hours from the ocean. Amazing, but RV's are allowed and we have a boat ramp. Have our little boat ready soon, so fishing will be the next fun thing to do. Keep up with the jerky and take care.

    2. Ah, no wonder it's new to me. 😀 I have a British uncle (married my American aunt), I will have to ask him if he likes this when I see him at Easter. Thanks so much for sharing -- it's interesting for everyone here! -Melissa, copd team

  2. Hi . Doctors do their best to give predictions as to how you will progress, but you just never know. We have people in this community who were told they were stage 4 decades ago, yet here they are. I hope you are one of those people as well. From what I have come to know of you here, you have a lot of living yet to do. I am thrilled that you bought a truck and can get out on your own sometimes now. That must be so freeing. I wish you could leave Texas during pollen season, but I hope you can at least find air conditioned places on the worst days to get some respite. Malls are great for that if there is one nearby. For the most part, no one cares or notices if you spend an entire day in one. Please know we are always here for you. Warmly, Lori (Team Member)

    1. Malls are great, but until I get my power chair, they have not been useful for a few years. Cant do the walk. My docs notes says about 1 year, but who knows. I need to get titles, phone, elec etc written down so bruce has the email and passwords. I do all of the bills on my laptop, and dont think he will be able to manage. Something to do and praise myself when it is done. lol. If I have my way, I will live to 100 just to make some old acquaintances mad. I am definately end stage. Have had that verified well over a year ago. It is hard, but you just got to get out and have some fun. Thankyou again for your beautiful help.

      1. I really admire the light in your optimism. It is true that End - Stage COPD can last for an undetermined amount of time. My Mom was in end stage COPD for 5 years. The way she was able to extend the time between set backs in her Lung Function and overall health- was to stay positive, and keep up with her in home respiratory therapy.
        I also admire being forward thinking to get affairs in order- I am sure that provides you comfort. Thank you for sharing your update and I look forward to reading much more from you in the future!
        COPD Caregiver Julie

        1. Love your Mum. I hope I can be like her. I am trying hard to do what I can. Hopefully I can go to Utah to see all the beautiful formations there. T
          his would be on the way to the southern Oregon coast. Thanks to the crap Covid, all the rv parks got very expensive. Have to hit a couple f casinos to pay for park fees. lol.

        2. I love a good casino trip! By taking it one day at a time- one task at a time- you would be surprised what you are capable of. The outlook you have- the more hopeFULL and positive- the better. The outlook- Can often - determine the Outcome! Plan some get aways in that truck of yours... take time for you! You more than deserve it!
          COPD Caregiver Julie

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