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Is there any more research updates on stem cell treatment

Most of the information on stem cell treatment for COPDare self pay profit centers. Research on stem cells for COPD has been in works for over ten years. Is there hope for the COPD patient to have this treatment available in the not to distant future?

  1. thank you for this very important question. Here's an interesting study looking at a few recent research projects on the topic: My understanding is that generally speaking, clinical trial results have been mixed but there remains hope for stem cell therapy to help treat COPD. Further, the rise of COVID has given birth to many more research projects in this realm.

    To view more articles, you can search ( where you can filter by date of publication and other variables.

    Thank you again for stopping by and I hope you have a lovely Sunday. - John M. ( Team)

    1. Wow this is an interesting one. Worth sharing thank you!

    2. , my pleasure! Glad you found it interesting and I hope you have a wonderful day. - John M. ( Team)

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