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I’m not new, just in a whirlwind.

I can’t discuss with my significant other. He tells me, I lay like a Queen and give orders. For 3 months, I’ve been in excruciating pain. I haven’t been able to get out of bed. I can’t put pressure on my right side. I’ve had an ablation on my nerve endings. I had 2 days of relief. I’ve had the shots. Nothing helps. Now he wants me go to another pain dr to put me on a trial for the SCS ( stimulater) had one many years ago. With an intrachechal morphine pump. ( I spelled it wrong)🙄2 months after put in, I had a subracnoid hemorrhage. I almost died. This plus my copd is depressing me and I’m a pretty positive person. Help. I need to b able to walk so I can exercise and go to pulmonary rehab , which is my goal. Everytime I start to make progress, something else goes wrong. I don’t usually talk this much.

  1. , I can certainly understand why you would be frustrated in this situation. I know that you wish you could get out of bed and function better, so I know your significant other's comments must be hurtful. I can see how the totality of this situation would be depressing, but I think it is inspiring that you are continuing to seek a solution and try new things, which is the hardest part about getting relief, but it's also how we find out what works. Please keep us posted on your progress, I hope your doctor is able to find a solution to restore some of your quality of life you are missing. Warmly, Melanie (team member)

    1. Ty all so much. I always get a lot of good feedback from the community. I consider you a wonderful resource. Diane.

      1. Thank YOU for having the courage to share so openly with us. I admire your strength and am wishing you peace and healing. - John M. ( Team)

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