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Household Chores with COPD

Household chores, such as cleaning and yard maintenance, can be difficult to manage with COPD. Do you have any tips or strategies for tackling household chores?

  1. I'm new here and was skimming through different forums and found this one which upon reading found that I can relate to quite a bit of what you all go through each day.

    I was formally diagnosed just this past week. Wasn't a complete shock as I've been having symptoms and have also been seeing rheumatology of which my rheum. specialist has expressed prior concern. I also have to contend with severe arthritis in multiple joints and have had numerous surgeries on my back, ankles, and both knees replaced. Hips are next up but I'm trying to hold off as long as possible.

    I take care of the majority of the housework here at home so I do a bit and then rest and repeat. I have problems standing for any length of time and sweeping and vacuuming are an absolute bear. I've set a schedule that I try to keep to to break up the household chores throughout the week, that way I'm not doing so much on one day. I leave the vacuuming and mopping until the end of the day because I know I won't be able to do anything else after that. My husband does heavy lifting and stairs as I can't go up and down them without quite a bit of difficulty.

    Thank goodness more cleaning products are being made that have little or no scent. So many of them -especially the bathroom cleaners - are so strongly scented I would always end up having trouble breathing.

    Summer is an especially trying time for me. The humidity really does me in. I love being outdoors and have always had a vegetable garden and flower beds until last year. The vegetable garden didn't get planted and I have been slowly working on making the flower beds as low maintenance as possible. I go out in the mornings and after the sun starts to set. I am determined to have a garden this coming year though, I do so miss the fresh vegies and playing in the dirt.

    So in all, it took a few years of me knowing something was going on besides the arthritis, but finally after seeing a new doctor - one who would listen and not put everything going on with me automatically down to depression - and getting referred to specialists I am finally on track to working this whole thing out and going on from here doing the best I can for me.

    1. buddelia - welcome to the community! I'm so happy you found it at just the right time. I'm sorry for your diagnosis, especially since it sounds like you already deal with quite a bit. But, I'm glad to hear you've found a good pulmonologist and feel like you're on track to feeling much better. I know you'll find this site to be very helpful and the others in the community have a lot to offer by way of suggestions and tips they've found to be helpful.

      Lyn (moderator)

  2. Hi Judy (from Texas) and thanks for sharing your experiences here in our online community. You certainly have your share of challenges to face. It's good to hear you're able to maintain a positive disposition and are facing each day doing all that you can. We're glad to have you as part of our community.
    Keep up the good work!
    Leon (site moderator)

    1. Hello,
      I tried to clean my house, but you know how that is
      work a little and sit down a little. So happy when I get it done. My husband sweeps the floor. My husband has chemo and radiation so they over did it on his shoulder and shoulder broke and now there is no one can fix it. He can only move his other arm and move it a little on broken arm.
      He has a ulcer on his ankle been there the last 4 years some times very hard for him to walk.. They been trying to heal that also, but starts healing and then it goes the other way, then goes the other way.

      But Jesse enjoys feeding the (few goats we kept) when we stop raising goats. Had a horse, name was candy, But she die because of a accident, One thing after another happening. Had her for 14 years.
      But still have agee he real old and he stays with my 5 goats. They grazing together. If you want to see
      some pictures let me know. They are so cute when there were babies.

      So now with this weather I been having a time just to breathe. But just keep doing what you can do.
      Anyway, I am hoping the weather will warm up so we can get out side.
      But I still am lucky my daughter cleans homes for a living. So when she can she helps us. Any way
      you all have a nice day God Bless judy in texas

      1. There are great discussions on here.

        Two things that I would like to add:

        1) Wear a mask when doing yardwork and kicking up the dust, also when doing vaccuuming which also kicks up the desk. It does take awhile to get used to them. It did for me. It makes a big difference. I also wear goggles, but I have severe allergies as well as copd and asthma.

        2) Pace yourself. You might not get things done in the time you are wanting to, but hopefully you will feel better while doing these chores and after.

        My husband does most of these more difficult chores and I'm so grateful, yet there are times when I do them.

        Breathe-easy everyone.
        Janet (site moderator)

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