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Has anyone had the Pulmonx Zephyr Endobronchial Valve procedure done?

Anybody on site had the procedure done? If so where? Insurance carrier? Hospital? Current outcome? How long ago?

  1. Thx Leon! Set for discharge tomo pending neg Chest XR for pneumothorax! I’m past the immediate critical period and experiencing no S&S. Resp therapy q4hrs round the clock w nebulizer (Brochodilator+Pulmcort). Finally off complete bed rest past the 48hour mark. Showered today and did not labor. Tomo a few laps around the floor then discharge. Some blood today in sputum, expected. No restrictions on walking post discharge. No heavy lifting over 5-10lbs for a few wks. 1st post op doc visit early March. The pics of the valves placed are incredible, as is the Doc who placed them. Pulmonix supplied device ID paperwork and apparently the valves are MRI compatible at low Tesla. Will keep you posted!

    1. Hi again, , and thanks so much for this current update. It sounds like the procedure and immediate recovery period up to now has gone very smoothly - so very happy to hear this good report from you! Be sure to follow (as I am certain you will!), all the post op instructions - sounds like walking is the best activity for you - walking does seem to help everything. Also, if I may, be diligent about adhering to the heavy lifting guidelines - some folks tend to try too much too soon - be sure to be kind to yourself and allow yourself to heal properly over time.

      We're all pulling for you! Looking forward to a good report following your discharge to home, . Keep up the good work!!

      Warm regards,
      Leon (site moderator

    2. I'm a month out now Leon and thought I'd give you and others an update. Good news-Bad news.

      The Zephyr valves appear to be working as advertised! I'm able to walk flights of stairs at home and elsewhere with relative ease. No more pausing at the top of the landing to catch my breath. I'm walking short distances without the occasional stops to sit. Trimming shrubs while bent without the need to stand. I'm of the understanding improvement is progressive during the 30-60-90 days following implants.
      Chest XR is normal. O2 Sats 93

      Now, the not so good. I seem to come out of the procedure with bronchitis. Hopefully "Acute" and not "Chronic". I've got the "bronchitis" cough. No temp. My physician has put me on a nebulizer using vials of Ipratropium Bromide and Albuterol 2-3x daily. Also yesterday, I rcvd a steroid injection and started on a titrated steroid pack, today. Also put on LevoFloxacin 750mg over the next 10 days or so. A sputum specimen was delivered to the hospital lab by me today to r/o, a fungus or pneumonia infection.
      Will keep you posted of the progress.

  2. Had the procedure done at Houston’s Methodist Hospital, 2/4/21so I’m a couple of days post implant of 8 valves in my LLL. Someone from either Pulmonix Corporate or a Sales Dir who happened to be present suggested placement. Chest X-ray looks good today and negative for air leaks-pneumothorax. From personal experience, take with a grain of salt the high praise by some who’ve feel immediate benefit in recovery. The jury is out for me for the next 30-60-90 days as I try to keep my 02 Sats north of 90. Pre operatively they were in the 93-96% range and I’d never used O2.

    1. Wow, - you are actually fresh from having this procedure done! We appreciate you sharing your experience here with the community so soon following the valve placement procedure.

      We are here for you - it's understandable that complete evaluation post operatively will take from one to three months. Remember, too, that results following the valve insertion can vary from patient to patient. While some may experience a more immediate improvement, still others will improve gradually over time.

      We are all pulling for you! Please do check back and keep us apprised of your progress. We value your input and your feedback.

      Wishing you well,
      Leon (site moderator

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    1. I had procedure performed in June of 2020 on my left lower lobe. at the Mayo in Jacksonville.

      The damage in my lungs is homogeneous with 70% of my upper lobe and 60% of my lower lobe exhibiting damage. The Chartis testing indicated that I had 10% co-lateral ventilation between the lobes. Despite being a poor candidate the doctor decided to place 4 valves.

      For me the procedure was a failure. The target lobe did not reduce in size so I did not gain any function in the upper lobe. Essentially I lost the use of the target lobe and my O2 levels dropped. The doctor wanted me to give it three months to see what would happen.

      After 6 weeks I had a follow up and the target lobe had not changed in size so the doctor decided to remove the valves. This was in August 2020.

      It was worth a shot as far as I'm concerned. My FEV1 is around 22%.

      My insurance company, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois is denying the claim. I mistakenly believed the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville when they said they had received prior authorization during the scheduling for the procedure.

      Dr. Bussy performed the procedure and I have full faith and confidence in him despite the failure. I appreciate that he gave me a chance despite the odds being against me.

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