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Has anyone discussed a "Lung Transplant" with you?

It was about my 2nd appointment with my new Pulmonologist when he mentioned "that we should consider a Lung Transplant as an option" for my End stage COPD?
That was scary and a wake up call of how sick I really was.

  1. Hi - so good to see you posting here again - it's been awhile!
    How are you doing nowadays? I've seen you on a few of the HU/Social Health Network calls - you look great!!!!
    Warm regards,
    Leon L (author / site moderator)

    1. Thankyou my friend, I just celebrated my 12 month lung-versary and am feeling amazing. I am hoping to be a cheerleader for our medical professionals and the amazing care I was blessed to receive. It was quite the ride and I'm thrilled to be back.

      1. Hi again, Jeff - it is especially good to be conversing with you again. This is especially so, since this milestone (12-month LUNGVERSARY), is here. I am hoping you are celebrating the way you see fit! It's really something to celebrate!!
        I am looking forward to continued conversation with you. And of course, anything you are able to share with the community about your journey will be most welcome here!
        Warm regards, as always,
        Leon L (author / site moderator)

    2. The first time lung transplant came up for me was in 2020. I was interested in the Pulmonx valves and was directed to a Interventional Pulmonologist UPenn. After all the testing for the valves I was marginal, but proceeded to have them placed. They helped, but the same Pulmonologist advised I needed to consider bilateral lung transplant. His face said everything so I started testing and was placed on the active transplant list August 2021. I was transplanted July 25, 2022 and am doing well. The most frightening part was the surgeon, he made sure I fully understood the risks, he was definitely making sure I was mentally capable of going through the process, procedure and life long commitment.

      1. Thankyou for sharing your journey with us and we are happy to hear about your success. I asked this question as most people and including myself were both curious and scared around the Transplant process. You mentioned you were on an active Transplant list. Would you mind sharing any details about qualifying conditions like exercise or condition etc?
        (Jeff Collings- site moderator)

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