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Can I color my hair if I’m on oxygen?

  1. Hi NJBrandt and thanks for this post and question. The responses here are all designed to look out for your health and safety. If you have been diagnosed with COPD, and are using continuous supplemental oxygen, the issue can be reduced to two concerns, from my perspective.
    The first is if anything in the salon (scents, sprays, coloring materials, etc), would act as triggers for your present condition.
    The second is if anything in the salon would be generating an electric spark of some kind. We all are aware that oxygen supports combustion.

    As has been suggested in the earlier posts here, you may want to discuss this with both your physician and the salon owner.
    Please do check back and let us know how this all worked out.
    Good luck!
    Leon (site moderator)

    1. Thank you to all! I’ll talk to my doctor but it’s good to know there are others that have had no problem while on oxygen!

      1. Regarding the hair....I have two friends one stage 4 who does what I suggested, one had LVRS in 2001....she's back to her whole life. Ask your Physical, message them about your hair. It's all the perms, nails, hair sprays that lungs hate, by yourself...You don't have the risk.

        1. Hi NJBrandt, that question would be best to ask your doctor. We don’t give out medical advice and your doctor knows your overall health.
          I hope you have a breathe-easy night.
          Janet (site moderator)

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