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Does anyone have tips for someone going through their first flare?

Hi, I am in my first flare and must admit I have found it frightening. Any tips?... Thank you.

  1. Hi countrygirl - The first one can be intimidating, but try not to be frightened. There are quite a few things you can do.

    First, make sure you have a current COPD Action Plan. If you don't, ask your doctor as soon as possible to help you put one together.

    Second, take your medications exactly as prescribed. If you feel they're not working, get in touch with your doctor before your symptoms worsen. It's much easier to stay ahead of the problem than chase it.

    Third, don't over-do! Try to pace yourself until you get over the hump. Get plenty of rest, eat well, and if you feel like it, get some exercise.

    Here's the link to an article that I think will help.

    Warm Regards,
    Lyn (site moderator)

    1. Hi countrygirl,
      My first flare was terrifying as well. But I had faith in the medical team who treated me at the hospital. Also, the Respiratory Therapist and staff educated me on things I could do to lessen my symptoms.
      Be a flare up plan with your doctor.Watch out.for.warning.signs.of!an.impending.flare. Good luck to you and stay in to

      1. neither of those sites can be reached and I'd like to know the signs!

      2. Hi LROgal, and thanks for chiming in here.
        You may have noticed that 's posts are from 2018. I'm not sure if she will see your inquiry, as I do not know if she is still an active member in the community. I did want to point out that she seemed to be using 'periods' between many of her words which may have 'appeared' to be a website, but really was not. It was just the way she was writing.
        However, if you are interested in reading more about COPD and exacerbations, I thought you might find it helpful to look over this article, which was posted by my colleague , at that time. For your convenience, here is a link to the article: I do hope you find it to be helpful in a practical way.
        Wishing you well,
        Leon (site moderator

    2. countrygirl,
      I meant to say stay in touch. And warning.signs of an impending flare.

      1. To be told that you have COPD without detailed explanation should be frightening and to suffer an exacerbation under such circumstances should not occur. Of curse it is frightening. Knowledge is the important key. Read everything from, the Lung Foundation and the specialist facebook group. Having seen too many A & E interiors, taken too many antibiotics and steroid pills I looked at old fashioned remedies and the findings of the microbiome scientists. Essentially if you have an excellent diet, exercise, enough liquids, probiotics etc you can cut your exacerbations down because your own immune system fights infections. It is not a cure - you simply are not affected so strongly and can reduce dependence on extra and strong medicines.

        1. Leon. I agree with the concept of asking a doctor but is the average GP going to be over the moon about considering a tablespoon daily of honey? It is very much a question of what is being considered and the quantities involved; see the onion example below. Having been involved in the business I am concerned that a doctor, after sales talk, might consider simple remedies like this to be nonsense. True I am old fashioned - I use kaolin to beat infections in wounds, twigs of certain trees to make a pain reducer (as well as another mental method to defeat pain for certain SAFE purposes), etc etc. I absolutely always warn people to check every single ingredient very carefully with the caveat that for example too many onions are poisonous! I use small small quantities of honey, lemon juice, apple cider vinegar and a tiny tiny quantity of cinnamon powder with the stated warning that lemon juice is used in certain slimming clinics and infinitely larger (than suggested) quantities of cinnamon have serious side effects. The final element is a yoghurt containing lactobacillus casei or similar. It has worked for me for 30 months after almost monthly pain etc

        2. Hi again, only me, and thanks for your reply and further explanation. I hear you! I think we are both making the same point - to be scrupulous about starting anything new. Depending on what is being tried/started, it should be practical to determine if one's physician should be consulted or, one can assess the product/item on one's own. The idea is to be safe and understand the effects on one's body that may occur. This would be for both expected improvements or side effects and a downside if any.
          Wishing you well,
          Leon (site moderator

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