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Does anyone else have excessive thirst?

Does anyone need to drink huge amounts of water daily?

I drink four to five 20 oz glasses of water during the day and keep a 16 oz glass next to my bed which is usually drained by the morning. With all that I need to get up to use the bathroom about 3 times a night. And I continue to feel thirsty and have dry mouth.

  1. Update
    Since submitting this, a lot has happened. About a month after this comment, I had a severe exacerbation which had me hospitalized for 3days and put invention
    you'd oxygen, a bipap every 4 hours, and continuous at night. After being released from hospital, without oxygen, and following up with my doctor, he stated that he had thought my copd was milder and put me on 2 control inhalers. I stopped using my rescue inhalers and nebulizer all day long and the excessive thirst went away. It was due to too much Albuterol every day, from my Ventolin inhaler and the nebulizer. At the time, I was a "virgin" to inhalers/ nebulizers. No one guided me on their use it misuse. I have educated myself with the help of support groups and was finally referred to a pulmonologist.
    Thank you all for your support.

    1. Hi again, PhylissD and thanks for filling us in on your medical history and progress since you last posted this thread last June 2018. I think you'll find (and probably are aware of it yourself) the more you know about COPD, the better able you will be to help manage it in concert with your physician, a pulmonologist. We appreciate your input. Leon (site moderator)

  2. Hi PhylissD-I know it is a horrible feeling to be so tired and have to get up in the night to use the bathroom and drink a lot of water
    I have been on oxygen for 2 years-one of the most important things I have done is cut down on my salt-especially in the evening-it was not just using the salt shaker, but check labels-I found it made a world of difference-Thanks, Sandi

    1. Hi racehorse and thanks for your comment and response to PhyllisD. It's a good suggestion - monitoring one's salt intake. People don't generally realize just how much sodium is in the foods we eat - especially processed foods. We appreciate your input. All the best, Leon (site moderator)

    2. Thank you racehorse. I am sorry to have taken so long to get back to you. A lot has been going on. But I really appreciate your comment.

  3. I usually get dry mouth with a little exertion, like walking to the bathroom. Walking is a larger drain on my O2 than I had thought, and that is when I need the water. It seems that I need water when I need O2.

    1. Hi WillDoe - I'm sure you're aware it's important to maintain your hydration level. It helps all around with the COPD condition. Thanks for sharing your experiences in this regard - we appreciate it.
      Leon (site moderator)

  4. I have been feeling this way for over 6 months. I just recently began keeping track of exactly how much water I am drinking, but I am sure that it has been close to the same amount over this period with a slight increase over the last month. I just had a complete CBC and everything was fine except for slightly elevated cholesterol levels, which we decided to treat by dietary adjustments and monitor for now.

    1. Hi again PhylissD and thanks for your reply and the additional information. With a physician monitoring your care and treatment, the fluid intake you describe will be kept track of by both you and your doctor. Please do keep us posted as to how you're doing. Warm regards, Leon (site moderator)

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