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DMV requiring doctor's validation to renew license

Does anyone knows if this is even legal. I went in to renew my license, and they refused to renew it. I had lung surgery 5 weeks ago, don't require 02 during the day, but was carrying a 5# Ever Go Mini with me. I didn't use the concentrator in the building or the parking lot. I just was carrying it. I'd had my picture taken, and filled out the forms when she asked about the concentrator. I said I'd had surgery, and it was cold outside. I said I don't require oxygen, but had surgery and was carrying it. I was not confused, or not following directions! Part of the form asked if I'd lost consciousness from various illness, including lung disease. I filled it out as no which was the truth!

She told me they have a right to determine if somebody is impaired if they see them carrying a concentrator. I guess the person doesn't actually even have to use it. I explained she was accusing me of lying on the DMV forms, and asked if it was even legal to require I have a doctor verify my condition under those circumstances. She whispered into the phone to her supervisor (or somebody), and said it was.

I have to go to the doctor now, and have all this pulmonary information filled in by him.

Anybody experience this problem. I had no idea it is very suspicious to have an oxygen concentrator with you. They didn't call the Sheriff to have me arrested, or take my license away.

What do you think about this. Be careful at the DMV!


  1. Hi again twovillages and thanks so much for the update on your condition. That is certainly good news to hear - maintaining an oxygen saturation of 98% with no areas of impairment. Keep up the good work! All the best, Leon (site moderator)

    1. Well, an update after all my complaining. The medical report indicated I'm still in Stage II, and had a saturation of 98% on room air. No areas of impairment were noted, and my doctor didn't feel I needed any restrictions on my driving. Of course I can't drive a bus, or truck. I've had no tickets, or accidents in the last 20 years.

      Regardless, I need to have a medical report filled out every 12 months. Might be costly if I need to have a PFT done yearly. That's usually reserved if my doctor notices changes in my breathing. Maybe I'm just getting grumpy, and wonder why they're monitoring me before there is even "impairment" noted. Stay well.

      1. Hi twovillages - While we understand your desire to delete your first post for the reason you provided, this second post of yours sheds more light on the discrepancy/error and should clarify the matter for our members who read it. Thanks for providing the updated information!
        All the best,
        Leon (site moderator)

        1. I was looking for a way to delete the above post. It sure sounded hysterical. I found out the DMV didn't give me the proper explanation of needing medical documentation, or the phone number for clarification. It was an employee error.

          The policy is:

          You renew a driver's license in person. If you are seen with oxygen, whether it's in use or not, you will automatically be required to have medical documentation forms filled out stating diagnosis, recent testing, ability to follow recommended treatment, and lots of questions ruling out impairment.

          This does not discrimination against people with progressive lung disease. I do wish the COPD community was involved in all policies. I'm always wearing my advocate cap, and just hope people who can continue to get out and above keep that ability.

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