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Does anyone get dizzy from smoking?

Last June I was diagnosed with COPD/emphysema. I was smoking 1 1/2 packs a day. I cut down immediately to 15, then to now 6. I don’t smoke them, just light up and take 4 puffs.

Experiencing dizziness from smoking
What I want to know is why I get sort of a feeling of being drunk when I take a couple of puffs. The feeling will last for about an hour. Has anyone experienced this? Or is it something to do with the COPD or emphysema?

  1. I don't believe that this has much to do with COPD or Emphysema but more that you are forcing something on your body that is simply doesn't want or need.
    I think this is good indicator that you are no longer addicted to nicotine as you once were. Perhaps using a straw or licorice would give you the satisfaction without the nicotine intake. Barbara Moore (site moderator)

    1. It is such a powerful drug, katy60. We are pulling for you, we know you can do it! Thanks for taking the time to reply tonight. ~Melanie ( team member)

    2. I agree that nicotine in one of the most powerful drugs and the sensation of smoking is definitely a very strong desire. Doctor's agree that giving up smoking is as hard as coming off of Heroin. I give you Kudos for getting this far, you are doing a great job. Feel free to reach out anytime. Barbara Moore (site moderator)

  2. Stay safe everyone! We gotta get out of this mess!

    1. Hi katy60 and thanks! You do the same. We are all trying to get through this TOGETHER!!!
      Enjoy the weekend!
      Leon (site moderator

  3. Thanks Barbara! Will do
    Nice sunny day here in Quebec, Canada!

    1. Hi again, katy60, we had a good day (sunny and 60 degrees), here in New York, as well.
      Leon (site moderator

  4. Does anyone have a beer or glass of wine with this copd/ emphysema?

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